About The Program

What is the duration of the program?

The duration of the program is 2 years.
The time commitment for this program involves evening classes on weekdays and full day classes on weekends throughout the entire 2 year program tenure. Also, it will be mandatory to attend some specific sessions and workshops at the Shiv Nadar University, Delhi NCR campus on some weekends on a periodic basis. A detailed academic calendar will be shared at the time of program orientation.

Where will the program be conducted?

The Program will be conducted at the Shiv Nadar University, Delhi NCR campus.

Who is the intended audience for this program?

The Program is highly suitable for:

  • Professionals with a minimum of 2 years of work experience, who aspire for a progressive career in management
  • Senior leaders and professionals, who want to expand their career horizon and portfolio
What is the admission process?

Our admission process is fairly simple and involves the following steps :

Candidates who are eligible for admission are encouraged to apply by accessing the application form at https://sme-snu.nopaperforms.com/ and submitting the required details online. The application fee is INR 1200 (plus taxes).

They may apply for admission based on the scores in one of these tests: CAT (2020/2021), NMAT (2020/2021), CMAT (2020/2021), GMAT (2019 onwards), or SMAT. The SMAT test is conducted by Shiv Nadar University, Delhi NCR.

If candidates are shortlisted on the basis of their application, they will be invited for a Personal Interview and/or the SNU SMAT entrance test.

When will the MBA (Executive) batch 2022-2024 commence?

The program commenced from July 2022.

What will be the weekly class schedule for the MBA (Executive) program?

Classes are held twice a week and on one Sunday every month 

- Wednesdays (6:30 pm - 9.30 pm) & Saturdays(9:00 am -7:00 pm) + 1 Sunday (9:30 am- 5:30pm).

Disclaimer: The schedule and timings may get updated, based on real-time academic requirements.

What does the program calendar look like?

Here is a look at the program calendar:

DateDay DateDay DateDay DateDay
Jul-17 - 2021Sat Oct-23 - 2021Sat Jan-12 - 2022Wed Apr-06 - 2022Wed
Jul-21 - 2021Wed Oct-27 - 2021Wed Jan-15 - 2022Sat Apr-09 - 2022Sat
Jul-24 - 2021Sat Oct-30 - 2021Sat Jan-19 - 2022Wed Apr-13 - 2022Wed
Jul-28 - 2021Wed Nov-03 - 2021Wed Jan-22 - 2022Sat Apr-16 - 2022Sat
Jul-31 - 2021Sat Nov-06 - 2021Sat Jan-26 - 2022Wed Apr-20 - 2022Wed
Aug-04 - 2021Wed Nov-07 - 2021Sun Jan-29 - 2022Sat Apr-23 - 2022Sat
Aug-07 - 2021Sat Nov-10 - 2021Wed Feb-02 - 2022Wed Apr-24 - 2022Sun
Aug-08 - 2021Sun Nov-13 - 2021Sat Feb-05 - 2022Sat Apr-27 - 2022Wed
Aug-11 - 2021Wed Nov-17 - 2021Wed Feb-06 - 2022Sun Apr-30 - 2022Sat
Aug-14 - 2021Sat Nov-20 - 2021Sat Feb-09 - 2022Wed May-04 - 2022Wed
Aug-18 - 2021Wed Nov-24 - 2021Wed Feb-12 - 2022Sat May-07 - 2022Sat
Aug-21 - 2021Sat Nov-27 - 2021Sat Feb-16 - 2022Wed May-11 - 2022Wed
Aug-25 - 2021Wed Dec-01 - 2021Wed Feb-19 - 2022Sat May-14 - 2022Sat
Aug-28 - 2021Sat Dec-04 - 2021Sat Feb-23 - 2022Wed May-15 - 2022Sun
Sep-01 - 2021Wed Dec-08 - 2021Wed Feb-26 - 2022Sat May-18 - 2022Wed
Sep-04 - 2021Sat Dec-11 - 2021Sat Mar-02 - 2022Wed May-21 - 2022Sat
Sep-08 - 2021Wed Dec-12 - 2021Sun Mar-05 - 2022Sat May-25 - 2022Wed
Sep-11 - 2021Sat Dec-15 - 2021Wed Mar-09 - 2022Wed May-28 - 2022Sat
Sep-12 - 2021Sun Dec-18 - 2021Sat Mar-12 - 2022Sat Jun-01 - 2022Wed
Sep-15 - 2021Wed Dec-22 - 2021Wed Mar-13 - 2022Sun Jun-04 - 2022Sat
Sep-18 - 2021Sat Dec-25 - 2021Sat Mar-16 - 2022Wed Apr-06 - 2022Wed
Sep-22 - 2021Wed Dec-29 - 2021Wed Mar-19 - 2022Sat Apr-09 - 2022Sat
Sep-25 - 2021Sat Jan-01 - 2022Sat Mar-23 - 2022Wed Apr-13 - 2022Wed
Sep-29 - 2021Wed Jan-02 - 2022Sun Mar-26 - 2022Sat Apr-16 - 2022Sat
Oct-02 - 2021Sat Jan-05 - 2022Wed Apr-02 - 2022Sat Apr-20 - 2022Wed
Oct-03 - 2021Sun Jan-08 - 2022Sat Apr-03 - 2022Sun Apr-23 - 2022Sat
Oct-06 - 2021Wed Jan-09 - 2022Sun    Apr-24 - 2022Sun
Oct-09 - 2021Sat       Apr-27 - 2022Wed
Oct-10 - 2021Sun       Apr-30 - 2022Sat
         May-04 - 2022Wed
         May-07 - 2022Sat
         May-11 - 2022Wed
         May-14 - 2022Sat
         May-15 - 2022Sun
         May-18 - 2022Wed
         May-21 - 2022Sat
         May-25 - 2022Wed
         May-28 - 2022Sat
         Jun-01 - 2022Wed
         Jun-04 - 2022Sat

Disclaimer: The schedule and timings may get updated, based on real-time academic requirements.

Program Curriculum

What kind of courses will this program offer?

Some of the courses that we provide in the MBA (Executive) program include:

  • Comprehensive coverage of Business Fundamentals
  • Technology in the Digital Economy
  • Financial Orientation
  • Design Thinking
  • Customer Insights and Business Acumen
  • Digital Maturity Assessment
  • Business Analytics & Big Data
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking
  • Self-Awareness Deep Dive
  • Incisive Communication
What modes of teaching, learning, and engagement will the program employ?

The program employs:

  • Blend of online and face-to-face learning
  • Self-paced study
  • Online classes/ debrief sessions on weekdays
  • Physical classes on weekends
  • Site research and project-based activities
  • Workshops with industry experts
  • Business simulations, Case studies

Program benefits

What are the benefits of the affiliation with Warwick University?

We offer a 3-week Global immersion (study abroad) program with our partner university at an additional cost.

What degree will I receive at the end of the program?

All participants who successfully complete the program will be awarded a Master of Business Administration (Executive) degree by Shiv Nadar University.

Is this a UGC recognized degree?

Yes. Shiv Nadar University is a private state university with UGC statutory approvals. The Degree awarded is recognized by UGC.

What will the MBA (Executive) degree look like?

Here is a specimen sample:

How does a student acquire alumni status from Shiv Nadar University?

​Any student who successfully completes a program from  Shiv Nadar University becomes an alum by default.

The Alumni Relations office engages with the student for initiating this process.

The student is required to pay a nominal fee of INR 1000/- for the alumni subscription.

Here's a sample Alumni ID Card.


What is the Fee Structure?

The MBA (Executive) program offers you an unparalleled value-to-price ratio. You can avail this rich offering at an extremely competitive price of ₹ 7.5 lakhs. We also offer a deferred payment scheme and have an alliance with HDFC Bank for the facilitation of financial assistance.

Is any financial assistance available to ease the payment of fees?

We have a financial arrangement with HDFC Credila that enables you to avail a pre-approved education loan. Please refer to the attached document for details.

PDF icon Shiv Nadar University-Pre approved letter.pdf

You can also conveniently avail an instant loan from Eduvanz at an attractive interest rate with a flexible repayment tenure.

Click on the image to enlarge.


Is there a provision for an optional easy fee payment plan?

To ease the financial burden of a lump sum payment, you may choose to avail a quarterly payment plan across the duration of the program. 
​Here is the optional easy fee payment schedule for the batch starting on 15th July, 2021.

Optional Easy Fee Payment Plan for MBA (Executive) Degree July 2021-23

ItemYear 1Year 2Full ProgramQuarterly Perspective
One time charges    
Admission Fee (Non-refundable)25000 25000 
Recurring Charges    
Tuition Fees362500362500725000 
Installment due before Registration (documentation)90625  Beginning of First Quarter
Installment to be paid by 15th July, 202190625   
Installment to be paid by 7th October, 202190625  Beginning of 2nd Quarter
Installment to be paid by 7th Jan, 202290625  Beginning of 3rd Quarter
Installment to be paid by 7th April, 2022 90625 Beginning of 4th Quarter
Installment to be paid by 7th July, 2022 90625 Beginning of 5th Quarter
Installment to be paid by 7th October, 2022 90625 Beginning of 6th Quarter
Installment to be paid by 7th January, 2023 90625 Beginning of 7th Quarter
Total Charges (1)+(2)387500362500750000 



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