Advisory Council

Dr. Rishikesha Krishnan
Professor, Strategy, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

Dr. Krishnan was a Visiting Scholar at the Centre for  Advanced Studies of India, University of Pennsylvania (Fall 2008), and at the Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad (2011-12). He held... read more

Dr. Shekhar Chaudhuri
Director and Chair Professor, Strategic Management, Calcutta Business School.

Former Director of IIM C and Founding Director of School of Management & Entrepreneurship, Shiv Nadar University. Prof Chaudhuri has over 40 years of experience in both industry and academia... read more

Dr. Srikant Datar
Arthur Lowes Dickinson Professor of Business Administration, Senior Associate Dean for University Affairs, Harvard Business School.

An American economist, focusing in the cost management and management control areas, currently the Arthur Lowes Dickinson Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. He is a... read more

Director's Message

Dr. Bibek Banerjee
Senior Dean and Head of Strategic Initiatives Director, School of Management and Entrepreneurship (SME) Professor-- Marketing, Strategy & Economics
My vision for SME is to challenge and merge the polarities of academic theory and practical business. We embed a flavour of theoretical rigour blended with critical thinking across all our programs. This instils in our students a strong foundation in business fundamentals, with the ability to apply this learning across the spectrum of real business scenarios. So, our graduates emerge as practicing theoreticians. You will find this theme across all programs, be it our Bachelor of Management Studies, our MBA offerings, or our PhD in Management. Also, to ensure a seamless continuum across the learning spectrum, we encourage a healthy exchange of concepts, topic, and ideas across the SME programs and learner community. This interplay of ideas across our undergrad, post-grad, and fellowship programs empower our learners with the key skills of the future – meta-learning or in other words “learning to learn”. Irrespective of what you have learnt so far, if you can be a good meta-learner, you will always stay ahead of the curve. Finally, I foresee the need to develop not mere literacy, but expertise to control the reins of the ubiquitous juggernaut – the Digital Economy Platform. This is the platform of tomorrow on which all strategies and transactions of future business will be conceived. So, we want to create entrepreneurs and managers who can successfully navigate digital economy platforms to introduce tomorrow’s vision into action today. We want to nurture you to be Leaders of the Digital Economy. In keeping with these themes, we will introduce to you many new programs on topics that will help you encash the currency of the future. So, if you have the will and desire to succeed, we will show you how. Better yet, we will teach you to Expect More!

Programs Offered

Bachelor in Management Studies (BMS)
BMS Program at SNU gives an opportunity to students to pursue their interest in the specific area of management that they have a flair for. The program has lesser credits on core courses, and more on... read more
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Business Administration (MBA): The two year I-Global MBA program of SME is specifically designed to respond to the needs of industry and to provide high quality education to students to... read more
Doctorate in Management (PhD)
The Ph.D. program of SME aims at training and developing researchers and teachers in management theory and practice, to assist them to be at the forefront in creating and disseminating knowledge. ... read more
Admission Open
Last Date for Application - 30 Nov 2020


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Academic Alliances


For one hundred years, Babson College has enjoyed a reputation as the world’s top institute for entrepreneurship. Rated one of the top 10 colleges for international students by Forbes, it is home to over 3000 students from 70 countries. Our curriculum for entrepreneurship has been developed in close collaboration with them.


Peking University is indisputably the top institute of higher learning in China. Historically, it has produced a large number of China’s business and political leaders. The HSBC School of Business is one of Asia’s top business schools. Top performers will have the opportunity to interact with the subject matter experts at the university. We offer a course in Mandarin to help our students have a first hand experience of their culture.


Ranked in the World’s Top 20 Business Schools by The Economist, Warwick Business School is home to some of the world’s top researchers and academics in the field of management. Our association provides unmatched opportunities for students to connect with some of the world’s leading management academicians.

Life at SNU

SNU campus houses students from all 27 states and the cuisine available on the campus reflects that diversity. Catering to the cultural and food preferences of students, the two large Dining Halls (DH 1 & 2) provide...
Indoor Sports Complex
SNU houses a uniquely designed, state-of-the-art Indoor Sports Complex (ISC), which won the prestigious NDTV's Design & Architecture Awards in 2017. The building spread over 120,000 sq. feet is equipped with several...
Housing Facilities
The residential student hostels at SNU are state-of-the-art and gender segregated. They are designed to cater to individual student requirement of personal space, while also incorporating a culture of shared living....
Green Campus
Shiv Nadar University's mammothian 286-acre campus is blessed with diverse flora and fauna. This 'green campus' promises ample area for discussions and intellectual debates. One can find students basking in the sun in...


Our heartiest congratulations to Prapti Panda and Angel Roy Thomas ( Class of 2022) for featuring in the Dean...
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