In a world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, challenges are complex and novel, solutions require a proactive re-imagination and radical pre-emptive transformation. To do so, the governments, businesses and civil societies alike need to derive the right intelligence out of data. The data driven decisions are well informed and often take a 360-degree view of the situation. Today, the organizations are sitting on a huge pile of data.  Forbes predicts that more than 150 zettabytes of data will need analysis by 2025. On one hand, data provides opportunity in terms of getting new insight, whereas on the other hand, it offers tremendous challenges in analyses and interpretation. In some cases, data science prowess and relevance for business decisions do not go hand in hand. Hence, there is a huge and unmet demand for data science expertise that can inform and support better business decisions.

Data science is the vehicle that needs to be commandeered; management needs to get behind the wheels quickly to lead the society and industry into greater clarity and better solutions. To adapt quickly and proactively, you must learn how to source, organize, sanitize, align, analyze, synthesize, and interpret complex information gleaned from huge volumes of multi-source data. Hence the demand for Data Science and Analytics is ubiquitous across all verticals – from IT-ITES to FMCG, Healthcare - Defense, BFSI to Retail, Manufacturing to Logistics and Supply Chain – the canvas is unending. With growing infrastructure on Cloud, advancements in IoT, ML and AI has erupted into an avalanche of applications. The 21st Century wants Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Visualizers, Big Data Architects, Machine Learning Engineers, and most importantly those whose technical prowess can impact business and society. Are you ready to seize your opportunity?

A program that empowers you to make a career in the world of Data Science and Business Analytics ... and also those that are driven by Analytics

Shiv Nadar University , Delhi NCR in partnership with Jigsaw Academy, a globally recognized premier training provider in the fields of data science & emerging technologies , has brought to you a program that will train you to take up an opportunity in the world of data science and prepare you for your next job to contribute to the actual businesses. The program, Data Sciences and Analytics for Business (DSAB) will grant you mastery over Data Sciences and Machine Learning so that you can solve the most emerging business problems using advanced predictive modelling and machine learning techniques, and give you an edge in the difficult job market.

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