Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Fees and Scholarship


Fees Structure 2019 – 21 (in ₹)
 ItemYear 1Year 2Full Program
(1)One time charges   
 Admission Fee (Non-refundable)₹25,000 ₹25,000
 Security Deposit (Refundable)₹1,25,000 ₹1,25,000
(2)Recurring Charges
 Tuition Fee₹5,00,000₹5,00,000₹10,00,000
 Hostel Fee (Single with attached toilet)₹1,40,000₹1,40,000₹ 2,80,000
(3)Total Charges (1)+(2)₹7,90,000₹6,40,000₹14,30,000
(4)Net Payable₹7,90,000₹6,40,000₹14,30,000


  1. All charges are payable at the beginning of the Academic Year as per schedule announced separately.
  2. Mess and Laundry Charges: In addition to the above, the use of mess and laundry services from the University authorized resident vendor is mandatory for all resident students irrespective of the degree program they are pursuing. We collect advances of ₹21,500 per semester for mess and ₹2,250 per semester for laundry, which is passed through to the vendors. These charges are collected by the University at the beginning of every semester and paid to the vendor. These charges may vary from year to year based on inflation and the decisions of the relevant student body and Dean-Student Welfare, and will be communicated by Dean-Student Welfare at the beginning of each academic year.
  3. Security deposit is refunded on Graduation after deduction of any recoveries.