Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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School of Management and Entrepreneurship (SME)
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(Minimum CCC and UWE credits required are 0 and 0 respectively)

Master of Business Administration (MBA): The two year I-Global MBA program of the SME is specifically designed to respond to the needs of industry and to provide high quality education to students to become ‘industry ready’ and ‘entrepreneurially oriented’. The program is focused on developing an ability for creative thinking, developing analytical rigour and inculcating proper values and attitudes among students to transform them into principled and caring organizational leaders.

The I-Global MBA program is geared towards providing ample exposure to students about real world business and society through intensive field visits to private and public sector organizations in different industries; not for profit organizations; rural and urban markets; guest lectures by business executives and leaders and working on projects; summer internship; close interactions with entrepreneurs and firm and industry based projects.

Program Learning Goals and Objectives

Program Learning Goal #1: Our graduates demonstrate mastery of functional aspects of business

PLO 1A: Apply appropriate management concepts and tools to decision making contexts in business

PLO 1B: Describe how a business situation impacts the functional units of the enterprise

Program Learning Goal # 2: Our graduates are able to make significant contributions to their organizations through their ability to think strategically and entrepreneurially, and communicate effectively.

PLO 2A: Demonstrate the ability to formulate a strategy after analyzing the external environment and the internal forces.

PLO 2B: Demonstrate proficiency in written and oral communication

Program Learning Goal # 3: Our graduates are able to lead ethically and pursue success with integrity.

PLO 3A: Describe the ethical aspects of a situation and articulate a suitable solution for the resolution.

PLO 3B: Demonstrate the ability to incorporate social and environmental impact while evaluating business choices

Program Learning Goal # 4: Our graduates demonstrate a global mindset required to effectively lead in an international environment.

PLO 4A: Apply management concepts in a cross border and cross cultural context

Program Learning Goal # 5: Our graduates demonstrate an integrative view of the firm.

PLO 5A: Articulate how the external environment will impact the organization now and in future

PLO 5B: Show how decision making at the functional level affects the organization as a whole

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