Dean's Message

Dr. Bibek Banerjee
Dean, School of Management & Entrepreneurship
Dean, Academy of Continuing Education
University Professor of Marketing, Strategy and Economics
Director, University Strategy & Planning

My vision for SME is to challenge and merge the polarities of academic theory and practical business. We embed a flavour of theoretical rigour blended with critical thinking across all our programs. This instils in our students a strong foundation in business fundamentals, with the ability to apply this learning across the spectrum of real business scenarios. So, our graduates emerge as practicing theoreticians.

You will find this theme across all programs, be it our Bachelor of Management Studies, our MBA offerings, or our Ph.D. in Management.

Also, to ensure a seamless continuum across the learning spectrum, we encourage a healthy exchange of concepts, topic, and ideas across the SME programs and learner community. This interplay of ideas across our undergrad, post-grad, and fellowship programs empower our learners with the key skills of the future – meta-learning or in other words “learning to learn”. Irrespective of what you have learnt so far, if you can be a good meta-learner, you will always stay ahead of the curve.

Finally, I foresee the need to develop not mere literacy, but expertise to control the reins of the ubiquitous juggernaut – the Digital Economy Platform. This is the platform of tomorrow on which all strategies and transactions of future business will be conceived. So, we want to create entrepreneurs and managers who can successfully navigate digital economy platforms to introduce tomorrow’s vision into action today. We want to nurture you to be Leaders of the Digital Economy.

In keeping with these themes, we will introduce to you many new programs on topics that will help you encash the currency of the future. So, if you have the will and desire to succeed, we will show you how. Better yet, we will teach you to Expect More!

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