The two-year MBA program of School of Management & Entrepreneurship is specifically designed to respond to the needs of industry and to provide high quality education to students to become ‘industry ready’ and ‘entrepreneurially oriented’. The iGlobal MBA program is geared towards providing ample exposure to students about real- world business and society through intensive field visits to private and public sector organizations in different industries; not for profit organizations; rural and urban markets; guest lectures by business executives and leaders and working on projects; summer internship; close interactions with entrepreneurs and firm and industry based projects. SME encourages its students to choose an area of specialization based on their interest and career trajectory.

Our students are from across India with diverse background. Their experience ranges from being total fresher’s to more than five years of working in the industry. This brings creative ideas to the classrooms. Three weeks Global immersion program helps our students widen their knowledge.


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Our students have undergone a rigorous inclass and on field training to ready themselves to step into the corporate world. We look forward to your interaction with them and identify the best fit into your esteemed organization. Please find our student details below for your reference.

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MBA students have been trained on the management concepts in class and they are eager to put them in practice through a 6-8 week internship.  We are confident that they would contribute to your company goals through their hardwork in this period. At the same time we are sure they would learn much from your feedback. Please find our student profiles below.

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Bachelor of Management Studies

BMS program has been designed keeping in mind the need of the hour of an individual with a good grasp of multi-disciplinary concepts. The course aims to give the students a chance to pursue areas of interest across categories like science, engineering, humanities while continuing to study management concepts. This help them choose the career path that would align with their passion be it higher education or join the corporate world.


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Our BMS students have undergone 4 years of rigorous and relevant training both in class and on the field. They are now ready to step in to blend with the workforce and also contribute their share in the company that they join. We invite you to interact with them and identify the best fit for your requirement. Please find the student profiles below for your reference.

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Our students have accumulated the theory of management concepts and are raring to put it in practice to have hands-on understanding of the concepts. They have undergone a meticulous on the job training in the social sector. They are now eagerly looking forward to experience the business sector environment to conceptualize their class room training. We look forward to your interaction with them. Please find their profile below.

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For MBA related queries please write to us at

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