Doctorate in Management

The Ph.D. program at SME is structured to enhance the inquisitive knowledge in pursuit of advancing the field of study with new knowledge. It allows students considerable flexibility to work on their topics of scholarly interest that satisfy their intellectual curiosity. The pre-thesis course-work is designed to create a launch pad for a good quality research output. It has two broad objectives, viz., (1) to arm the candidates with the necessary tools and techniques of data analysis and pattern identification (2) to sensitize the extensive knowledge already created in management and allied topics. SME’s Ph.D. program encourages researchers to take up projects that are multidisciplinary in nature, either among the academic areas of the School or from among the vast pool of research areas of other Schools at Shiv Nadar University. Of course, the core of the research project needs to be firmly grounded on a topic of interest in management. An enabling multi-disciplinary research environment and the competitive camaraderie among teachers and researchers at Shiv Nadar University provide many opportunities to the Ph.D. candidate in sailing through the knowledge pool from among the entire Shiv Nadar University community. The maximum duration of the program is 5 years; however, in special cases the student may be given an additional semester to complete all the requirements of the program.

Key Information

School of Management and Entrepreneurship (SME)
Jagmeet Kaur
(Minimum CCC and UWE credits required are 0 and 0 respectively)
Minor Eligibilty 


Indicative Program Structure
Typically, the Ph.D. program at the SME will have two years of intense course work followed by thesis work. As a dynamic, young institution Shiv Nadar University and SME adapt to the changing needs in real time. Accordingly, the PhD course work will be announced in due course, as it is undergoing extant review. Usually, the candidate will start working on identifying precise research topic and potential thesis supervisor from the first day of his / her joining the Institute for Ph.D. The current Shiv Nadar University regulations require the candidates to finalise the thesis supervisor and thesis committee by the end of the second semester of the program. By the end of second year (i.e. at the end of fourth semester) a comprehensive viva and thesis proposal seminar will have to be completed.

Course Work Credits and Grade Requirements
The candidate has to undergo a mix of PG and Ph.D. level course work during the first two years. Barring a few compulsory courses, candidates can choose to complete rest of the course requirements by undergoing a variety of electives offered at graduate level based on his / her research interest and on the suggestions of the thesis supervisory committee. A Ph.D. candidate will forfeit his/her right to continue the program, on the occurrence of any one of the following during the course work period of 2 years from the date of joining:

1. Failing to earn a minimum of 7 CGPA
2. Earning one ‘F’ or two ‘D’ grades

In such cases, full-time students would be deregistered from the program and the fellowship will stop immediately. Program Advisor On joining the School, each Ph.D. candidate will be assigned to a “Program advisor’ who would act as a mentor till a regular thesis supervisory committee is formed. The program advisor will take the candidate through the period of course work, committee formation and related academic and administrative matters.

Thesis Supervisor and Doctoral Committee
Ideally, the process of identifying the potential Research Supervisor and formation of a Doctoral Committee would start from day-1 of the program. SME expects this process to be completed by the end of the second semester (i.e., by the end of Spring 2023 for those who are admitted in Monsoon 2022). The first doctoral committee meeting and the Comprehensive Viva Voce (CVV) will be scheduled before the end of the following semester.

At the CVV, the candidate is expected to present his/her broad theme and direction of the intended research project. In addition, an oral examination will test the proficiency of the candidate in the subjects of study during the past two semesters. The CVV committee will consist of the members of the DC and another Shiv Nadar University faculty outside of SME, who is related to and well familiar with the proposed field of research of the candidate.

A maximum of two attempts given to the candidate to clear the CVV. The CVV will be conducted during the first half of July and December every year. For candidates who are unsuccessful in clearing the CVV in their first attempt, another opportunity will be given during the month of August. A failure to clear the CVV in these two attempts will result in the complete elimination of the candidate from the program. The candidate will be considered eligible for Candidacy to PhD only if he/she clears the CVV.

Post-Candidacy Progress Meetings (DTD 899)
Post-candidacy, the candidate’s progress will be reviewed by the DC before the end of each semester, until the final submission of the thesis report in the specified format. Assuming a normal progress of thesis work, a candidate will be submitting his/her final thesis report within the following six semesters after the completion of coursework. Each such review seminar with DC is named as Doctoral Thesis (Code: DTD 899) with 12 credits of course equivalence. An ‘S’ grade will be awarded in DTD 899 for the semester if the scholar’s progress in research is satisfactory; ‘U’ grade will be awarded in DTD 899 if the scholar’s progress in research is unsatisfactory.

Primary Area of Research
It’s the Academic Department at SME to which the candidate has applied for and admitted to. This department will have the primary administrative responsibility towards the candidate and will co-ordinate with related departments of SME or other Departments / Schools of the University in cases of inter-disciplinary theses. Usually, the Thesis Supervisor will also be appointed by this “Primary” department. However, given the changed preferences and nature of the proposed work, the candidate will be allowed to change his/her primary Area of affiliation with the consent of the respective departments and the research advisor(s).

Research Projects of Ph.D. students

Corporate Restructuring and Risk Management by Family Firms (Ankit Singhal)

Consumers And Stakeholders Subjective Wellbeing: Lessons From COVID-19 Crisis (Divya Gogia)

Financing Policy and Trade in Emerging Capital Markets (Keerat Bhurjee)

Impact Of Board Compensation On Firm Performance, Firm Financing Policies And Risk-Taking (Ankur Paliwal)

Luxury Marketing And Sustainability (Priya Rathi)


Last Date of Admission: 
Sunday, April 30, 2023 - 23:00
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