Minor in Management

The objectives of the program are:

a) The Minor in Management would give undergraduate students an opportunity to get exposure to “Management” as a field of study.

b) Students would be better equipped to handle their first job, in terms of understanding organizational and managerial issues.

c) Those who are preparing for careers in other fields, and may not join an MBA program, would get an exposure to courses in Management to help them in their career progression.

d) Students interested in pursuing an MBA would get an edge in getting admission to reputed business schools.

Key Information

School of Management and Entrepreneurship (SME)
(Minimum CCC and UWE credits required are 0 and 0 respectively)
School of Management and Entrepreneurship (SME)
No. of Credits
  • A student may apply for a Minor Program in Management at the beginning of Monsoon term of every academic year provided s/he satisfies the following criteria: (1) the applicant is at the beginning of his/her 3rd semester; (2) has an overall CGPA of 6.5 or above in his/her last academic UG transcript available at the time of application.
  • Simply fulfilling the criterion of 6.5 CGPA would not guarantee admission to the program.
  • The SME would admit a maximum of 5 students in its Minor Program in Management every academic year; students being admitted in order of academic merit.
  • Minor to be granted irrespective whether the student is admitted among five students or not. A student needs to complete 18 credits of UWE offered by SME with CGPA of 6.5 to get a minor in management.

Program Structure

A student may apply for a Minor Program in Management at the beginning of 3rd Semester. If the student is offered admission to the program, s/he would be required to complete 18 credits:

Requirements for the award of Minor in Management

UG students majoring in Engineering, Natural Sciences or Humanities need to fulfill the following criteria to be eligible for a Minor in Management:

• Applied, and admitted to Minor Program in Management;

• Completed the 18-credit requirement; AND

• Has an average CGPA of 6.5 or above in the courses offered to fulfill the requirements of Minor in Management

If a student takes 18 credits, yet does not fulfill the 6.5 CGPA requirement as above, his courses would reflect in his transcript as UWEs, but s/he would not be conferred the award of ‘Minor in Management’.

After fulfilling all the requirements of the minor, a student can write to the department to be awarded minor in management.

Students will have to ensure that they enroll for the courses which fits into their time table. They also need to ensure that they fulfill the prerequisite requirement of the course before they enroll for those courses.

A student may be permitted to drop out of the Minor Program in the Monsoon Semester of any academic year.

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