Why Pursue MBA at Shiv Nadar University

1. Top-Tier Globally Benchmarked program

Given its mission to create global leaders from India AND its philanthropic nature, Shiv Nadar University’s MBA program invests significantly in each of its students. Accordingly, the I-Global MBA is one of the most comprehensive, premium featured MBA programs in India. It contains elements that are offered only in the highest quality, highest priced MBA programs in the world. It was designed specifically keeping that fact in mind. And yet, it is offered at a VALUE price.

On top of it, SNU offers scholarships to the most meritorious students PLUS a 2.5 Lakh global immersion to every admitted non-corporate student.

We invite you to compare any program you are considering vis-à-vis I-Global MBA. The I-Global MBA program offers full spectrum simulation, advanced specializations, global immersion and so much more:

  1. Courses on Design Thinking and Innovation
  2. Active Hands-on focus on developing entrepreneurial leadership during Entire program
  3. Start-up Incubator embedded with School of Management
  4. Active Student e-cell, two student festivals and multiple business clubs including investments and trading. Vibrant campus life
  5. Courses in Digital Strategy and Digital Maturity Assessment by renowned global faculty
  6. Data science and analytics – hands on training with tools like R, Tableau, Stata – Econometrics
  7. Introduction and courses on latest technologies  [ AI/ML/IOT/Nano/3D and platforms/Blockchain]
  8. Personalized Leadership and Behavioral assessment
  9. Rural Immersion/Experiential program with award winning NGO’s
  10. Extensive use of advanced Simulations in multiple courses
  11. Industry visits & Industry interactions with business and thought leaders
  12. Foreign Language and culture - Japanese and Spanish

We are certain that once you carefully compare our program offerings to any other program you are considering, you will agree that I-Global MBA is a comprehensive, premium featured MBA program in the country with a VALUE price.

2. A Global Immersion program for all admitted students

“It starts with ni hao, and the rest is history. It’s really an amazing experience, with endless opportunities to grow and explore!” - Siddhant Khemka, from the MBA Class of 2019

Siddhant is truly living the global life at the Peking University HSBC Business School in Shenzhen, China as a part of the Global Immersion Program under the School of Management and Entrepreneurship at Shiv Nadar University. This program is structured for a quarter and aimed at providing a holistic growth experience for the students, enabling them to be better equipped at conquering their path to success.

The Global Immersion program shall allow students to spend 3 weeks with University of Warwick in London (MBA program ranked top 20 by Economist 2018 rankings) and gain international exposure. These 3 weeks will not only provide an exclusive opportunity to learn from international faculty and guest speakers but also provide an understanding of the culture that will help our students become global leaders of tomorrow.
The school will sponsor the Tuition Fee and Boarding & Lodging charges. Students will need to bear the cost of flights, visa, local conveyance and any other personal expenses.
Select students also have a opportunity to spend 2 months at HSBC school of business, Peking University.

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3. Merit-based scholarships that cover up to 80% of tuition fee
To support meritorious students and provide them an opportunity to access quality education at an affordable price, Shiv Nadar University provides merit-based scholarships.

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4. Renowned visiting professors –both global and national  as well as Industry practice leaders teach key specialization electives.

5. Acclaimed Advisory board guiding the School of Management & Entrepreneurship

  1. Dr. Srikant Datar - An American economist, focusing in the cost management and management control areas, currently the Arthur Lowes Dickinson Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. He is a member of the boards of directors of ICF International Inc., Stryker Corp. and T-Mobile US, all in the US.
  2. Prof. Shekhar Chaudhuri - Former Director of IIM-C and Founding Director of School of Management and Entrepreneurship, Shiv Nadar University. Prof Chaudhuri has over 40 years of experience in both industry and academia.
  3. Dr. Rishikesha Krishnan - He was a Visiting Scholar at the Centre for the Advanced Study of India, University of Pennsylvania (Fall 2008), and at the Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad (2011-12). He held the Jamuna Raghavan Chair in Entrepreneurship at IIMB from 2007-10.
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