SME Society

SME hosts seven societies that are run by students with guidance from faculty.

Markitact - The Marketing Club

This club aims at improving the skills of the budding Marketers through various competitions. It includes practical application of various Marketing aspects such as Digital Marketing, Advertising and Brand knowledge.

Kautilya - The Strategy & Operations Club

It focuses on strategic planning, Operations, business development and Management through various Business simulation games, real time case studies, Opera Hunt etc.

Vittashodhak - The Finance club

Financial education is vital for day to day life. With the aim of spreading the Financial knowledge among the students, we conduct various workshop, Budget Analysis and various competitions.


These are the Management Quizzes for the budding managers. It tests the knowledge of Brand identities (such as logo, tagline, brand ambassadors), Financial sections (ratios, accounting, economics etc), strategies and Operational sections etc.

ecell - The Entreprenuer cell

This society aims to bring improve the entrepreneurial culture among the students. It acts as a think-tank to help the students to horn their innovative ideas and make it as viable start-up. It conducts various workshops, Mentorship program and Business Plan competition.


It conducts various consulting events such as Live case studies from the Industries, live projects and workshop.

Panache - The HR club

It conducts various competitions among the students to improve their Interviewing and Recruitment skills, Conflict Management and Negotiation skills. The workshops and Guest lecturers are conducted for the recent trends in the Human Resource Management such as HR Analytics, Talent Management etc.