Overview of the school

The School of Management and Entrepreneurship [SME] has been created to usher in a paradigm shift in business education in India. At a time of global uncertainty, volatility and rapid technological disruption, SME aims to develop leaders who are ready to be successful globally…. ….in India; for India and the world.

As part of the research led, multi-disciplinary initiative Shiv Nadar University is spread over 286 acres in Greater Noida, National Capital Region. SME features the latest classroom technology and infrastructure, a start-up incubation initiative as well as technology prototyping and financial trading labs. It has partnered with some of the most prestigious universities in the world, Duke University and Carnegie-Mellon, to offer its students opportunities for semesters abroad. And given its focus on developing Entrepreneurial Leadership, SME has partnered with Babson College, the #1 ranked institution for the study of Entrepreneurship in the world! 

In addition to a focus on global career readiness and cross-cultural management skills, SME programs at both the MBA and undergraduate level are distinct because of their focus on the Digital Economy and on providing opportunities for multiple high demand specializations such as Financial Engineering – Quantitative Finance & Trading; E-commerce and Digital Marketing; Data Science and Predictive Analytics; Sustainability & Environmental leadership to name a few.

SME also strongly believes in a balance between knowledge and career skills at one end and self-awareness, values driven leadership development at the other. Accordingly, there is an important emphasis on experiential learning, strategic thinking and creativity, overseas exposure and personalized coaching. The program encourages diversity of ideas, people and exposure leads to enable innovative thinking and breakthrough solutions to transform society.

Today we need outstanding leader-managers and entrepreneurs to take on the task of leading the country into a vibrant future. We need young leaders-managers who see their tasks as not only to make profits for their companies but also to contribute to the development of the larger society of which their organizations are a part. Therefore we see management as a much larger concept than “business administration”. It deals with the problems of not just business organizations, but different kinds of organizations including for profit as well as non- profit organizations in the private sector as well as the public sector, government department and non-government organizations.

The academic programs at SME are designed to embody this philosophy. We develop our students to contribute effectively in multiple managerial and leadership roles in a large variety of organizations and most importantly, flourish and be successful individuals…. Anywhere they choose to live and work in the world.

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