School Overview

The School of Management and Entrepreneurship (SME) resides at the academic crossroads of the University’s interdisciplinary mission, enabling research and teaching in a diverse set of areas of high impact and relevance. SME catalyzes the comprehensive stakeholder eco-system of the University and its neighborhood, to promote entrepreneurial leadership adept at fuelling innovative, pertinent and implementable solutions for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century digital economy. 

Our Approach

All programs taught at the School are supported by SME’s unique curriculum and pedagogy for holistic learning fostering a strong entrepreneurial mindset and a discipline for critical thinking, combined with a focus on practically relevant and implementable problem-solving acumen. This learning outcome of knowing-doing-and-being is nurtured through a deep and wide engagement of the School with the industrial and entrepreneurial ecosystem in its neighborhood and beyond. 

About School of Management & Entrepreneurship

All programs taught at the School – undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and certificate – are supported by SME’s strong entrepreneurial focus and critical thinking discipline in the curriculum, and delivered through a pedagogy which is immersed in real-world problem-solving contexts by experienced faculty drawn from globally acclaimed academic institutions, as well senior leadership from the industry and the world of practice. 

We offer cutting-edge management education programs, which develop students into globally adaptable, ethical and compassionate professionals prepared for leadership positions in any organization. Our educational programs are designed to equip students with the relevant knowledge, technology skills, leadership values and professional attitude to be resilient in volatile, uncertain, hyper-competitive and complex business environments.

Programs Offered


Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)

B.Sc. (Research) in Economics & Finance


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

MBA (Executive)


MBA (Online)


Ph.D. in Management


Certificate Program in Data Science and Analytics for Business (DSAB)

SME invites you to explore the range of academic programs towards advancing your professional knowledge and transforming yourself into an empowered future-ready global leader.

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